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Ambulatory surgery centers are revolutionizing the way that Texan's meet their health care needs by emphasizing safety and quality in a comfortable and efficient setting.

Texas ASCs perform thousands of surgeries, surgical procedures, and diagnostic services that only a few decades ago, were only performed in a hospital and sometimes led to a lengthy hospital stay.

The Acute & Chronic Pain and Spine Ambulatory Surgery Center is Medicare and TDH Certified. Our staff consists of MD's, Anesthesiologists, RN's, LVN, X-Ray Technicians and other auxiliary staff.

Our Ambulatory Surgery Center is just another leading edge element that you've come to expect from Acute & Chronic Spine and Pain Center. Our ASC allows us to offer our customers a convenient alternative to hospitals, with all the same benefits offered by a hospital.

By using our ASC, there is no red tape, you have a faster turnover and a shorter wait time. In addition, you will receive the same personalized care and attention that you do anytime you visit the ACPSC office.