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Treatment of PAD may depend on the severity of disease. The first goal of addressing this condition is to restore and preserve adequate blood flow to the extremities. Early detection is important: when caught early, PAD may be treated with medications, diet, exercise and smoking cessation. For example, exercise can cause new, tiny blood vessels to grow and bring oxygen to problem areas. 

However, when patients begin experiencing symptoms such as frequent pain and reduction of mobility, this indicates that the disease is progressing. Your doctor may decide that it's necessary to treat significantly blocked arteries with a medical procedure. Treatment options for helping blood to flow more freely range from less invasive catheter-based treatments to more invasive surgical options.

A thin tube known as a catheter is inserted into the artery. A small balloon located on the tip of a catheter is moved to the site of the narrowing and inflated to expand the artery and reduce the blockage. The balloon is deflated and removed with the catheter after the angioplasty is done.
A tiny catheter, or thin tube, is guided through your artery to the site of the blockage and is used to gently shave away the buildup and remove it from the artery.
A small mesh tube, called a stent, is placed in the artery to keep the artery open and help prevent re-narrowing. To further help prevent re-narrowing, "drug-eluting" stents have been developed. These stents provide the same structural support as uncoated stents, but they are coated with a drug.released over time, helping to slow down the re-narrowing of the vessel by limiting the overgrowth of tissue within the stent.
For patients with severe narrowing that is blocking blood flow in the legs, bypass surgery may be needed. In a bypass procedure, a healthy vein is removed from your leg. This vein is used to make a new path around the narrowed or blocked artery, or alternatively, a synthetic (plastic) artery may be used. Patients are also in the hospital for a few days after this surgery.